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Tuesday: 3 pm – 8 pm
Wednesday: 9 am – 8 pm
Thursday: 3 pm – 8 pm
Friday: 9 am – 5 pm
Saturday: 9 am – 1 pm
Sunday: Closed


1697 Ethan Allen Highway
Georgia, Vermont 05454
(802) 524-4643
Facebook: Georgia VT Public Library


The Libraries Transform project of the American Library Association (ALA) posits:

Libraries are America’s most Democratic Institutions. Libraries ensure people have access to information and lifelong learning regardless of age, education, ethnicity, gender, language, income, physical limitations, or geographic barriers. Libraries strengthen communities and help create a more literate and just society.”

We at Georgia Public Library, are thankful for the opportunities our patrons provide us to be of service; from using our upgraded computers to print a Medicare enrollment form, to helping with a job search. From Storytimes where on a typical Friday 20 children and 15 caregivers enjoy reading together, singing together and making art together; to handing you a book you will love.  From connecting you with community resources; to orchestrating the space for community meetings and the music of pleasant banter that makes it a joy to be part of this town. Thank you for coming in! Thank you for sharing your thoughts, ideas and smiles! Thank you for giving so generously of your resources, time and talents so we can be a hub for so much that is good.


The Georgia Public Library will foster a sense of community by bringing people together in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere for self-education, leisure reading and research. The Library will be a year-round center of information and activities, appealing to patrons of all ages pursuing a wide variety of interests.